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Photo courtesy of Rick Pitts
This 14,000-pound stump was taken from the Moundwood-Dunn's Pond-Waterbury area this summer and will be placed on permanent display at the Indian Lake State Parks Nature Center.
StumpZZilla's New Home
StumpZZilla's New Home is at the Nature Center. The stump is 36 feet around and 15 feet high. It is the largest stump ever removed from Indian Lake. It is estimated at 350 years old. The stump was probably cut off when the hand dug Lewistown Resevoir was created.

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1st step moving 14,000 pound stumpThis centuries old, red oak tree stump was removed from Indian Lake in July. According to Joe Moran, a parks employee, the water churned as the stump was brought to the surface, reminding him of an old Godzilla movie and earning the stump its nickname "StumpZZilla".Crane lifts stump onto barge.

Found two feet below water level, it was removed from the lake near the Moundwood-Dunns Pond-Waterbury area this summer. It was found while en route to remove another reported stump.

Taking two days to remove from its watery tomb, the relic was estimated to be as much as 300 years old. It weighed in at an amazing seven waterlogged tons, thanks to James Duff of C.E. Duff and Sons, Inc. of Huntsville, who volunteered their services in determining its weight. It was believed to have stood nearly 100-foot tall when alive.

Measuring the 14,000 pound stump

Stump is moved to temporary locationThe stump was extracted by Terry Tussing, Charlie Waugh, and Joe Moran, who credited mentor, retired maintenance supervisor Jack Beuschlein, whose expert techniques were used in raising the 14,000 pound behemoth. Mr. Moran related that "all we learned, we learned from Jack."

Stump is moved on flat bed truckState Park Manager Dave Helgeson said the stump was the largest ever taken from this lake. After sinking the first barge it was placed on, the stump was transported from the area and will be permanently placed at the Nature Center located west of the State Park Campground.

Special Thank you to Joe Moran for story and photos.
And to Sue Pitts Examiner Staff Writer

Is it a boat?
whnewamphib3.jpg - 15.59 K
Is it a vehicle?
whnewamphib4.jpg - 13.94 K

New at Indian Lake
Argo 6x6 Amphious Land and Water All Terraine Vehicle
3 mph.
Owned by Harry Powell, Island View

New Sidewalks in the Village of Russells Point
Visitors and Residents will enjoy the walk from Rite Aide to The Wedge on the new sidewalk provided by the residents and businesses of Russells Point.asidewalk2.jpg - 22.24 K

Handicap Pier Project
Handicap Pier is finished!
Park Manager, Dave Helgeson welcomes guests | The ribbon is cut by Heartland of Indian Lake residents |
At Indian Lake, there are all kinds of places that most anyone can fish. If you are confined to a wheelchair, or have a physical handicap, it would be very difficult to get around and be able to enjoy fishing like most people do. John Emrick, a Marine Corp veteran of the Korean War knows how difficult this is because he has been bringing veterans from the veterans hospital to fish at Indian Lake twice a week for many years. They spend about five hours fishing and socializing before returning to the hospital. The local Aunt Millie's Restaurant provides lunch for the veterans and the state park provides the fishing gear.

"The veterans we've brought up love it," Emrick said.

On Thursday, June 7, 2001, the handicap pier he dreamed of became a reality. A combined effort from local businesses and associations plus a grant from the Division of Wildlife made it possible. Construction of the project will cost about $30,000 Emrick said. Local organizations such as the Moose Lodge, Eagles, and Tamplin Trust Fund donated to the project. The state has agreed to plant trees and supply picnic tables to the pier area, he said. The Sons of the Amvets donated $1000.00 and the Indian Lake Moose Family Center #1533 donated $2000.00 to get the project started. There will be a Plaque made to honor all donors at the Pier site.

The location of the new pier is on state route 235 north between Old Field Beach and the Bass Pro Shop.

The 10-foot wide pier will extend 16 feet out onto the lake where it will bisect a 20-foot section of pier, forming a "T" shape.

Some information excerpted from the Lima News

Spend-A-Day Marina has a new lift....
New At Spend-A-Day Marina
The new lift can hoist 24,000 pounds
It is 35' long and 15' wide
The marina had 500 cu. yds. of silt removed and both ends of the channel closed in order to provide easy access.
More boats!
Bigger boats!
There is also something new inside.
Spend-A-Day has added 1000 sq. ft. of new space.
Visit Spend-A-Day's web page for more about Spend-A-Day Marina


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