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Indian Lake Spring Fishing Report
Spring fishing can be fantastic at Indian Lake!

Saugeye - In late March and early Spring saugeyes can be caught along rocky shorelines. The best locations are along the South and West banks, the entrance to Old Field Island, Lakeview Harbor, Barnes Landing, and under lake bridges. If you are fishing from a boat try off the South and West banks, Old Field beach, old Indian Lake south of Dream Bridge, and the North Fork entrance to the lake at O’Connor’s.

White Bass - When the cottonwood starts to fly the white bass start to hit. Again fish the rocky shorelines like saugeyes. The white bass also run North and South fork rivers. The covered bridge has always been known as a hot spot. The best baits are jigs, rooster tails and doll flys.

The best baits are imitation minnow lures like Rapelas, and Rattletraps, jigs and minnows, and floating jigs tipped with minnows on a tight line.

Crappie - Early crappie fishing can be great at Indian Lake. The hot spots are the Long Island area, the channels in the Game Preserve, Blackberry Basin and all the State Park marinas around the docks. Use jigs and minnows. Try all depths until you find fish.

Bluegill - Good bluegill fishing follows the crappie action. Fish the same areas as crappies using small jigs and wax worms. The bluegills tend to be deeper than the crappies.

Channel Catfish - Fishing for channel catfish is always great at Indian Lake. Some good areas are Moundwood channel, the Spillway area and north of the Walnut Islands in the cut.

The lake was 6" above normal pool level on April 5, 2002

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Indian Lake State Park Spring Fishing Map
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