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Indian Lake, Ohio, formerly known as Lewistown Reservoir, was named by European-American settlers because several tribes lived in the region and found the area to be an ideal spot for both hunting and fishing. It was originally a group of small lakes and wetlands across 640 acres of land that later was built into a reservoir to collect water for the Sidney Feeder to the Miami and Erie Canal.

After railways made the canal system obsolete, Indian Lake remained. It has since become a destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts. It is the host for several major fishing tournaments each year as well as weekly contests held by local bass clubs. In the winter, ice fishing and snowmobiling have become greatly popular in the area.

Indian Lake has numerous islands across the center of the lake, a large wildlife area, many inlets and bays, and boasts over 30 miles of shoreline.

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Russells Point
clear sky
humidity: 34%
wind: 16mph SSW
H 53 • L 47

“We had a cottage on Seminole Island on the lakefront near Pew Island. I learned to swim on the lake..fished everyday and night and tubed all day swatting the horse flies away. I loved the lake and miss it terribly. Many wonderful memories that I will never forget.”

“My Grandparents had a mobile home at Cherokee Landing next to the State Park Campground. We spent most of the summer there with them and it was the most fun. We fished from Grandpa’s wooden boat all around the lake. One day we caught a bunch of Crappie in a very short amount of time. Both Grandparents were so busy taking fish off hooks and re-baiting hooks that they never got to wet a line. When we got back to the campground all of the neighbors came to help clean all those fish and we had a BIG fish fry. So much fun. I so badly want to get a place at the lake. I always look for property on line….dreaming!”

“We went there when I was a child. My grandparents would rent a cottage at Duffy & Powell. Had great times there. My parents would go to the dance hall to dance to the big bands that came there and my grandparents would watch us while they went dancing. Great memories. I still enjoy going up there. We take our camper up there and stay in the state park during the summer. We store our pontoon boat up there during that time so we can go out on the lake. Love that lake, can’t wait till summer.”

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