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The buoys are placed on the lake to show boaters where there are speed zones and where there are no wake zones. The lake is zoned in order to provide safety by separating those using fast boats, water skiing devices, tubes etc. from fisherman and swimmers. The buoys marking no wake zones also help to protect shorelines. Indian Lake is unique because it accomodates so many types of water sports. Fines are levied for violating speed and no wake zones.

Do you know what these buoys tell boaters?
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1. Ski Zone
2. Boats Keep Out
3. Information

1. Mooring Buoy
2. Docking Area
3. Danger

1. Controlled Area
2. Boat Inspection Area
3. Rapids ahead


1. Information
2. Mooring
3. Speed zone

1. Danger
2. Mooring
3. Shallow water

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